The Vertical Space is a podcast at the intersection of technology and flight. We discuss the most important forces shaping the market of advanced air mobility, with a particular focus on why and how they matter to those building a business in this very exciting and growing industry.

We talk about the radical impact that technology is creating as it disrupts flight, enabling new ways to access the vertical space to improve our lives - from small drones to large aircraft. Our guests are operators and innovators across the value chain: airframers, technologists, data and service providers, as well as end users. 

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Why we started

In our day jobs we help build companies. Our vantage point as management consultants (Jim) and early-stage investors (Luka and Peter) gives us a unique perspective on the pain points and opportunities facing entrepreneurs as they seek to participate in this transformation of flight called advanced air mobility.

Not surprisingly, the pace at which the industry is evolving – maturation of underlying technologies, value chain reshuffling, regulatory progress, proliferation of use cases etc. – is often overwhelming to make sense of, resulting in blind spots that impact business decision-making.

The Vertical Space is our contribution to the industry, entrepreneur, and investor communities with which we aim to bring clarity and understanding through meaningful discussions with industry leaders. 

What to expect


We talk to the leaders you most want to hear from: leaders in tech, drones, eVTOL, avionics, aviation, transportation, investing, government etc.. And if there’s someone you want to hear from - on a relevant topic for our listeners - just let us know.


We discuss subjects you want to hear about and that make a real difference, including the problems being solved by AAM and problems that still have to be solved, the vehicles, vehicle components, air traffic management and control, government policy, infrastructure, batteries, enabling technologies, propulsion systems, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in transportation, how innovations and companies are being financed - and much more.


Our conversations provide highlights as well as depth. Just listen to one episode and you’ll hear there is more than sound bites. Our guests provide the additional layers of depth, analysis, and insight that you really care about - and that help you build your business.


You get to hear how all of our guests answer similar, practical questions, from what makes them controversial, to how they see the future of flight and AAM, to how they envision the future of technology in AAM, to misunderstandings in the market, and, as mentioned, advice to entrepreneurs.


Listening will help you build your business. We’re all about helping innovators and entrepreneurs build valuable companies that solve problems in aviation and transportation - providing excellent value to their customers as well as to their employees and investors.


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