#29: Greg Brenneman; Leadership in Aviation, Business, and Investment
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#29: Greg Brenneman; Leadership in Aviation, Business, and Investment

You’ll really enjoy our talk with Greg Brenneman. Getting insight from a leader in aviation, business, and investment gives us a great and broad perspective as we innovate at the intersection of tech and flight. 

 Some of you may know Greg as the President of Continental Airlines and an extraordinary airline and turnaround leader, some as a CEO or Board member of a number of large companies, and some know Greg as Executive Chairman of CCMP Capital Advisors, a leading private equity firm.

 What we discuss: 

· Greg shares his perspective on the aviation industry today – and how it has evolved in the last several years and the extra level of discipline that COVID brought to the airline industry.

· We discuss how technology has evolved over the years, and listen to the opportunities Greg believes could be addressed by today’s technology companies.

· Listen to his perspectives on advanced mobility – how he would view advanced mobility if running an airline today – and the many near and long-term opportunities for advanced mobility. 

· And for AAM companies who intend to be both OEMs and operators; what to be aware of and pay attention to. 

· Listen to what he looks for in companies he’s about to invest in – and the leadership of those companies.

· And the first steps Greg takes when running a company or turning around a company – and the lessons from his one sheet of paper.

· And listen to the advice he gives to the innovator and the business leader.

Thanks again Greg!


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