#69 David Stepanek, Bristow: A philosophical guide for early AAM operations

#69 David Stepanek, Bristow: A philosophical guide for early AAM operations

We are happy to welcome back David Stepanek, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer of Bristow. With his extensive experience and pragmatic insights, David provides a comprehensive view of the evolution and future of advanced air mobility. In this episode, we revisit earlier impressions and assumptions, exploring how they have matured over time. For those who have approached this field with caution and realism, this discussion validates your strategy and offers valuable new perspectives.

David and his team have authored "A Philosophical Guide For Early Operations," offering a thoughtful roadmap for deploying advanced air mobility. As early adopters and implementers, David and Bristow's insights carry significant weight. He emphasizes the advantage of experience in vertical flight and operations for evaluating and scaling this technology.

You'll hear David's summary of the guide, his five-point thesis, observations on health management and flight operational data, the importance of experience in bringing technology to the aviation market, and reflections on how initial assumptions have held up or changed. 

Link to the Guide:

07:51 The Philosophical Guide For Early AAM Operations

13:47 Two Commonly Overlooked Concepts
20:17 Early AAM Operations and Market Opportunities
33:23 Five Point Thesis for AAM Operations
36:03 Applying Evolutionary Lessons to Revolutionary Technology
38:19 Bringing Technology to Aviation is Hard
41:29 Vertically Integrated Business Models
49:49 Safety Management and Data Sharing
57:38 How Bristow Thinks About Drones
01:03:20 Sizing Up The Early Market Opportunity
01:07:10 Major Surprises in the Last Two Years


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