#70 Bobby Healy, Manna: Unveiling the unit economics behind profitable drone delivery

#70 Bobby Healy, Manna: Unveiling the unit economics behind profitable drone delivery

Welcome back to The Vertical Space! In this episode, we reconnect with Bobby Healy, CEO and Founder of Manna Drone Delivery. Bobby returns to discuss how Manna has not only met but exceeded initial expectations over the past two years. He dives deep into the details of Manna's unit economics, revealing how they achieve profitability with every flight, even when delivering a single cup of coffee. 

Bobby provides insights into the evolution of drone delivery over the past two years. He reflects on initial assumptions versus actual outcomes, highlighting pleasant surprises, disappointments, and his vision for the future. He emphasizes the economic viability of drone delivery, contrasting B2C and B2B strategies and sharing insights on market dynamics. 

Moreover, Bobby challenges the status quo of road-based logistics, advocating for a future where drones dominate last-mile deliveries. He also outlines his vision for advancing air mobility beyond drone delivery, offering compelling insights into future industry investments.

05:39 Why coffee and takeaway food is the killer app

13:16 Last-mile consumer delivery vs B2B medical delivery

19:03 Drones could 3x the road-based delivery market opportunity

32:35 Managing customer expectations

35:54 Balancing capacity and customer satisfaction

39:32 Surprises and disappointments in the last two years

43:46 What should be included in unit economics

50:21 Unit economics - getting into the weeds

58:22 Mission planning and execution

01:02:40 Manna software stack

01:09:19 Bottlenecks to scaling drone delivery

01:14:28 Two potential paths to scaling

01:19:08 Thoughts on AAM and industry leaders


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