Jim Barry

Jim Barry

President and CEO - Celerity05

The Celerity05 team of experts aligns technology firms' strengths to industry demands – increasing enterprise value for the tech firms as well as the measurable benefits delivered to their customers.

As a management consulting company, Celerity05 believes business challenges can often be met with small improvements of just 5% in key areas and that these changes bring outsized returns to organizations and the people they serve. Jim brings experience and insights as a board member of tech, investment, and not for profit companies.

Prior to founding Celerity05, Jim was the CEO and director of PASSUR Aerospace, a publicly traded technology and information company. He previously served as vice president of Technology and Marketing and a director of DIANON Systems, a publicly traded healthcare technology and information company.

He served as a United States Marine prior to entering the business community. Jim has an MBA from the University of New Haven and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rhode Island College.


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