Check out this insightful conversation with Jia Xu, the senior director of strategy for the unmanned aerial systems and urban air mobility at Honeywell Aerospace, where he leads strategy, business development, and M&A. Jia discusses how to increase access to and utilization of the vertical space. He also discusses AAM in general, autonomy, fly by wire, artificial intelligence – and use cases for AI, including defense. Listen to Honeywell’s strategy, dedication, and approach to AAM and how Honeywell is innovating from a fresh slate for AAM. Jia also talks about the megatrends in AAM and avionics, needed ground infrastructure, as well as opportunities for our entrepreneurs, how Honeywell works with startups, and investments being made in this space. A thoughtful, articulate, detailed, yet expansive discussion. Thanks Jia for joining us!


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