#16: MIT Professor Donald R. Sadoway, global battery expert
The Vertical SpaceJune 06, 202200:58:3240.23 MB

#16: MIT Professor Donald R. Sadoway, global battery expert

Professor Donald R. Sadoway is one world’s top experts on energy and batteries – one of the most important topics in our society, in aviation, and in AAM. There are few more important topics to our industry – and who better than Professor Sadoway to educate us on the topic – and talk about where we are and where innovation can take us.

Professor Sadoway is the John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. He’s the author of over 180 scientific papers and holder of 35 U.S. patents, is the founder of six companies, and his TED talk has been viewed over 2,400,000 times. In 2012 he was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.


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