#44 Thomas Neubauer: cellular connectivity as an enabler of BVLOS operations
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#44 Thomas Neubauer: cellular connectivity as an enabler of BVLOS operations

Welcome to our conversation with Thomas Neubauer, Co-founder and CEO of Dimetor. We discuss connectivity using cellular networks and the intersection of cellular networks and aviation. 

Thomas discusses the requirement of having a pilot in command – and that you must have good, reliable digital communication to ensure connectivity – to fulfill this pilot in command requirement.

We discuss how BVLOS operations are being enabled via cellular networks. It’s also interesting to hear about the gap between communications service providers and aviation ecosystems – why it’s relevant – and what can be done about it.

We go in depth on the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of cellular for command and control – as well as other options that may be available in place of or to complement cellular.

Thomas is the architect of Europe’s UTM interface standard – so he discusses the standard and why it was developed. He also discusses how a drone could be considered an IoT device, or Aerial IoT. 

Finally, we discuss Thomas’ company and product, AirborneRF, the problems they’re addressing, their customers, and how they generate revenue.

Thanks for joining The Vertical Space Thomas!


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