#55 Yemaya Bordain, Daedalean: certifying autonomy, next-gen avionics, and multi-core processors

#55 Yemaya Bordain, Daedalean: certifying autonomy, next-gen avionics, and multi-core processors

Check out an in-depth and fast-moving discussion of certifying autonomy, next-gen avionics, and multi-core processors with Dr. Yemaya Bordain, President of the Americas for Daedalean.

Right out of the gate Yemaya challenges much of today’s established thinking on UAM: Listen to what she says is an area where very few in the industry agree with her on – and where she questions the near-term economic viability of the UAM model. And that she believes level 4 autonomy is needed for UAM economic viability – and listen to later in the podcast on when she believes level 4 autonomy may come about. Those investing in UAM should pay close attention here! 

We discuss the history of automation, the Why of automation, on a segment by segment basis, what has and will drive the need, and how does it scale, followed closely by a detailed discussion of the levels of automation, and the value of each– and why. And how safety improvements are the biggest near-term opportunities in this market. 

Listen to Yemaya’s first discussion with operators on autonomy – particularly commercial operators. The next part of the discussion is a detailed discussion on the future of avionics, starting with a discussion of Yemaya’s white paper.

Listen how to compute massive amounts of data to meet the size, weight, and power constraints of gravity. We enter into a detailed discussion on why AI needs multi-core processors and the difficulty of certifying MCPs and listen to Yemaya’s response to Luka’s question on whether or not there can be a generalized approach to certifying MCPs and how Yemaya thinks that autonomy and certification of AI and MCPs will change the existing value chain in avionics.

She also discusses at what levels of automation where Daedalean will be generating revenue, and in what markets, including AAM, over the next 10+ years. 

04:49 Challenging the Business Case of Urban Air Mobility

06:19 Evolution of Automation in Aviation

07:45 Historical Perspective on Automation in Flight

08:42 Motivations for Automation and Autonomy

14:07 The Role of Autonomy in Advanced Air Mobility

21:16 Use Cases by Margin vs. Volume

24:15 Understanding Levels of Automation

32:35 White Paper on the Future of Avionics

39:42 Training Data and Data Collection

40:39 The Journey of Certifying AI Systems: A Historic Event

41:26 Addressing the Non-Determinism of AI Systems

44:12 Frameworks for Certifying ML Based Software

47:02 The Role of Synthetic Data in AI Certification

47:55 The Impact of Startups on Aerospace Innovation

52:50 The Challenges of Certifying Multi-Core Processors

01:14:56 The Future of Autonomy and AI in Avionics


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