Welcome to Episode#1! In this episode we’ll talk about the business of The Vertical Space and discuss how drones, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL), electric aircraft, and all elements within advanced air mobility deliver value or plan to deliver value to their customers and their investors. We're going to discuss why we started the podcast, why we think the topic is important for so many, especially entrepreneurs, a little bit about ourselves - so you know who's behind the podcast - and we're going to talk about the upcoming topics and the types of guests who will be joining our show. We believe learning more about the business of advanced air mobility is important, relevant, exciting, rewarding, and even fun. Thanks for joining us!

#aviation, #UAS, #advancedairmobility, #drones, #aerospace, #entrepreneurship, #business, #mobility, #electrification, #sustainability,


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