#34 Admiral Mike Rogers: Intelligence, Cyber, Technology
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#34 Admiral Mike Rogers: Intelligence, Cyber, Technology

Enjoy this important discussion with Admiral Mike Rogers. Admiral Rogers served 37 years in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of four star Admiral and served as Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency. 

 We open our conversation with a geostrategic perspective of the world. Mike discusses what the next conflict may look like, how we can prepare for that conflict, and what technology may become more important. Also what we’ll have to prepare for – and potentially tolerate – from future conflicts. 

Mike’s discussion of Ukraine is equally fascinating and how it has characteristics of the first World War. We discuss the use of unmanned vehicles and their impact on the war.

And listen to what technology, aviation, and AAM is important for the future.
We discuss how scale, speed, and efficiency are what we’ll need today and in the future – and how industry has to help us get off the few exquisite platforms of today – given the needs of the future. And how the private sector has an important role with innovation for future warfighting needs. 

Of course we discuss cyber – the threats – how it’s changing – how common cyber events are - and what industry can be doing relating to cyber. We also discuss cyber and the war in Ukraine – and how to integrate the capabilities of the government and the private sector – to build resilience.

Thank you Admiral Mike Rogers for an excellent conversation. 


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