#36 Robert A. Pearce, NASA, Associate Administrator

#36 Robert A. Pearce, NASA, Associate Administrator

How often do you get to have a conversation with Bob Pearce, the Associate Administrator for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate? Well, you do today – and you’ll really enjoy the talk. 

Bob discusses how NASA synthesizes a picture of the future, in collaboration with thought leaders, and helps to remove the challenges to make that future happen. 

We take a dive into sustainability, the importance of getting to net zero, and the three strategies to achieving a fully sustainable aviation system. 

Bob discusses where NASA will and won’t get involved in AAM – including how NASA is helping to facilitate a safe, high density air traffic system. 

We discuss what drove the creation of the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) 20 plus years ago – why it didn’t work then, but why AAM may work today – including the level of automation we have today and what can evolve in the coming years – including the timeline for potentially fully remote pilots – to increase the level of AAM affordability.

We discuss UTM and Sky for All – what it is and NASA’s role and timeline – and again the role of automation given the density of traffic that will be coming. 

Bob then discusses the sustainable flight demonstrator – why and how it was created it – and the cost-sharing partnership with Boeing – and he also discusses some of the questions that have evolved since that recent announcement. 

Given Bob’s role with NextGen, we had had to ask about the successes and disappointments of NextGen – and his selection of one standout program. 

Finally, listen to Bob’s recommendations and advice to innovators.

Many thanks to Bob for joining us on The Vertical Space. 


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