#65 Andrew Coleman: Unpacking the Value of Data in Aviation
The Vertical SpaceApril 22, 2024
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#65 Andrew Coleman: Unpacking the Value of Data in Aviation

Welcome to another episode of The Vertical Space where we sit down with Andrew Coleman, leader of GE Aerospace's software business. In this conversation, we explore the critical intersection of traditional aviation and advanced air mobility, delving into the effective use of data for meaningful insights. Discover how GE mines, analyzes, and provides data for aviation customers, and how this applies to the evolving landscape of advanced air mobility. From discussing the perception of the value of aviation data to identifying specific use cases for enhancing safety, sustainability, and efficiency, Andrew shares valuable insights that shed light on the future of aviation. Tune in to learn how a focus on targeted use cases and well-defined data can drive success in both traditional and advanced aviation industries.

05:52 The Potential of Aircraft Data
07:07 Digitization and the Power of Data Analytics in Aviation
13:30 Defining Digital Aviation and Its Impact
15:59 FOQA Data: Enhancing Flight Safety and Efficiency
20:42 Quantifying the Value of Digital Tools in Aviation
28:36 The Actual Data Being Analyzed and Processed
32:25 Skywise Digital Alliance; Airbus, Delta TechOps, and GE Digital
36:14 The Impact of Data on Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
38:21 The Impact of Digitization in Aviation Maintenance
39:29 The Role of Leadership in Aviation Technology Adoption
40:08 Leveraging Data for Operational Efficiency and Safety
40:43 Exploring the Future of Airspace Efficiency and Sustainability
42:47 The Evolution of Aviation Data Utilization
44:48 The FAA's Perspective on AI and Data Security for Safety
45:53 Vision for the Next Decade in Digital Aviation
52:56 Challenges, Opportunities, and Advice in Selling Aviation Technology
54:52 Collaboration and Innovation: Working with Startups and Tech Giants
58:29 Applications to eVTOLs
01:03:45 Final Thoughts and Advice for Innovators


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