#64 Lorne Cass: Aviation Operations; Today's Lessons for Tomorrow's Operators

#64 Lorne Cass: Aviation Operations; Today's Lessons for Tomorrow's Operators

Welcome to The Vertical Space podcast and a discussion with Lorne Cass, an aviation executive who most recently served as Vice President of American Airlines' Integrated Operations Center, and is the current RTCA Chair. Lorne knows where aviation has been, where it is today and talks about how he believes we're going forward in aviation. 

You'll enjoy Lorne's overview of the aviation industry, airline operations, and the challenges faced by airline operations. Few can tell you better about the opportunities available to our innovators facing not just tomorrow's challenges, but today's opportunities for near term operational optimization. Innovators and their investors should take note. 

There are so many opportunities for innovators from Lorne's discussion. Starting with where he believes few agree with him on, to the challenges airlines and airports face today, to the requirements of today's and tomorrow's operators, to the challenges and opportunities of air traffic optimization and to the requirements and opportunities for data sharing and coordination in our complex airspace. 

05:52 The Importance of Public Acceptance and Community Engagement
16:45 The Airline Industry and the Evolution of Aviation Technology and Its Impact
21:06 The Future of Airspace Management and Airline Operations
31:23 Enhancing Airline Operations: Challenges and Solutions
39:59 The Importance of Predictability in Airline Operations
45:42 Leveraging Data for Operational Efficiency
48:32 Improving Airspace Throughput
52:31 The Future of Air Traffic: eVTOLs and Drone Operations
01:00:12 Addressing Choke Points in Global Air Traffic
01:13:03 Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Aviation Technology 


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