#38 Svilen Rangelov, Dronamics: middle mile cargo drones

#38 Svilen Rangelov, Dronamics: middle mile cargo drones

Welcome to our conversation with Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO of Dronamics, a business with the goal to change how the world moves goods.

We start with a discussion around the broader drone/UAS market and then the cargo drone delivery market – including use-cases and early demand, challenges and opportunities, and the overall landscape. 

Then we talk about Dronamics, the problems they’re solving for customers near and long term with their middle mile solutions. Listen to how Svilen believes they’ll be providing a better and less expensive solution than today’s alternatives, especially with their initial focus on underserved markets. 

We also discuss his challenges and opportunities and why middle mile vs. last mile solutions, where last mile are where many others are focused.

We also discuss their vehicle, the Black Swan, and how they plan to be an OEM, an operator, and manager of droneports. Listen to the really interesting requirements and capabilities of the droneports, the costs and challenges, and how they believe these droneports are an essential part of their competitive advantage and customer value. 

Svilen also discusses his conversations with logistics companies and their focus on cost. 

We also discuss his work with European regulators and the regulatory approvals, including for design verification. 

Many thanks to Svilen and Dronamics for a substantial discussion!


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