#39 Chris Kucera, OneSky: UAS Traffic Management

#39 Chris Kucera, OneSky: UAS Traffic Management

An in-depth discussion on UTM with Chris Kucera, co-founder of OneSky, discussing the fascinating and complex world of UAS traffic management, or UTM. 


UTM is a rapidly evolving area – it’s done differently throughout the world with various degrees of application and value. Listen to what UTM is, how its formulated, its value, when its needed, and when its not. 


Those of you who can understand the complexity and value of UTM will not only be better equipped to deploy, realize value from, and invest in UTM providers, but will better operate your OEM and service businesses going forward.


Listen to the importance of operators sharing information, including positional and surveillance information – and the integration and synthesis of this information, and how essential this information sharing is to an effective, safe system. 


Listen to the different types of UTM service providers and how UTM is deployed and by whom – and how they’re deployed in the US and throughout the world, and an important discussion of the EU’s U-space.


We cover what data is needed for different parts of the UTM process where Chris explains the data, its source, value, and application. 


It’s great hearing how OneSky started, it’s unique advantages, and how they expect to provide value and make money in the years to come.


 We thank Chris for a terrific discussion! 


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