#40 Eric Allison, Joby Aviation: The Sound of Silence

#40 Eric Allison, Joby Aviation: The Sound of Silence

A revealing, important, and meaningful talk with Joby’s Head of Product, Eric Allison. 

How often do you get a chance to talk to a person of Eric’s experience and background to hear how and why the designed their vehicle the way they did given the anticipated market demand? 

You’ll hear a common theme throughout the podcast – Eric and Joby’s constant focus on minimizing aircraft noise – which they believe is so important for customer and community acceptance. 

We also have a good discussion on the overall market and how Joby is bringing the aircraft and the product and service to market, as well as their initial focused customer segment. 

We discuss certification and the value of a piloted vehicle in the certification process. And we get to hear Eric’s opinion on the future of fully autonomous operations. 

Our discussion on the cost of operation is important where Joby is developing what they believe to be the right pricing strategies based on demand patterns. We discuss the right price targets that will drive the utilization Joby requires.

Eric is an articulate and informed industry leader – he provides a compelling vision for the overall market as well as for Joby. 

Thanks for joining us Eric! 


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