#47 David Stepanek, Bristow: AAM customer perspective

#47 David Stepanek, Bristow: AAM customer perspective

Today's talk is with David Stepanek – the Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer of Bristow.

So where we talk often talk to those building vehicles in AAM – here we have an industry leader who is committed to the opportunities of AAM – is confident that AAM will improve Bristow’s performance, reduce costs, and improve their position with sustainability. 

David describes how Bristow has the vision and are a leader in innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions. 

Listen to what they project will be a meaningful cost reduction of AAM vs. the helicopters they’re operating today – both in reducing up front capital requirements as well as reducing long term operating costs – they believe they can reduce their direct operating costs by 60-70%. 

He believes Bristow will receive a meaningful return from AAM around 2030 – with a heavier contribution after 2035. 

He describes how urban air mobility will eventually be successful…it will probably be on a longer timeframe than most are thinking today…that there are a number of risks and challenges most are not considering today…and to scale will be more difficult than it first appears.

Listen to the section on where David believes is the most value in AAM – from OEM, to Operator, to MRO, to Infrastructure and Systems – great section…and his impression of where the greater value is may be a surprise to some.

As much as David and Bristow are leading their industry with AAM ….he’s also careful, realistic, and pragmatic in his approach – this is not just a cheerleader or a one-sided promoter of AAM – he has and you’ll be listening to a balanced perspective.

 Many thanks to David for joining us!


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