#62 Andrew Hately, Eurocontrol: U-Space, UTM, and the integrated airspace

#62 Andrew Hately, Eurocontrol: U-Space, UTM, and the integrated airspace

Welcome back to The Vertical Space and a conversation with Andrew Hately - a senior researcher in the Drone unit at the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub in France - about U-Space, UTM, and ATM. 

Andrew emphasizes the necessity of radical steps to integrate the airspace for UAS traffic management, suggesting that without such integration, UAS operations may not be economically viable. He particularly focuses on U-Space, discussing its origins, current status, requirements, and the challenges in its implementation. Andrew advocates for a proactive approach in designing the U-Space system from the outset, rather than adopting a slow iterative process, to ensure its effectiveness and eventual success. He also addresses the importance of drone detection, categorizing potential threats as careless, clueless, or criminal, and discusses the challenges in detecting noncooperative aircraft.

Moreover, Andrew delves into the various technologies used for drone detection, including radar, acoustic, optical, and radio-based systems, highlighting the need for both tactical and strategic deconfliction to ensure safety in airspace shared by manned and unmanned aircraft. He acknowledges the current lack of confidence in surveillance systems for strategic maneuvering and emphasizes the necessity of knowing the precise locations of aircraft for effective tactical maneuvers. Additionally, Andrew discusses the role of commercial service providers in UAS traffic management, recognizing the challenges they face in a nascent market with limited flying activity but expressing optimism for the future of UAS operations. Overall, Andrew's insights reflect a well-informed and balanced perspective on the evolving landscape of UAS and UTM.

06:24 The End Goal for UTM
08:46 Difference Between U-Space and UTM
12:14 The Controversy of Integrating ATC with UTM
18:17 The Roadmap to UTM Success: Milestones and Challenges
21:27 The Impact of Automation on Air Traffic Management
27:39 Moving Away From VHF Communications in Air Traffic Management
30:36 Air Risk Mitigation
38:28 Implementing U-Space
43:37 Detect-And-Avoid in U-Space
51:47 Adapting Strategic Deconfliction to Real-World Uncertainties
58:02 Why Is There Not Greater Focus On Tactical Deconfliction?
01:01:38 Innovations in Drone Detection Technologies
01:06:52 The Business of U-Space Service Provisioning
01:13:35 Comparing U-Space and FAA Approaches to Drone Traffic Management


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