Another stimulating podcast! In this episode, we interview Chris Anderson, the COO and Chief Product Officer of Kittyhawk. Foundational to this podcast is the importance Kittyhawk is placing on autonomy and an affordable aircraft. Listen to why Chris and Kittyhawk are so confident about autonomy. Also listen to our discussion on performance-based certification…about operating at automotive scale…which is critical for the affordable vehicle. Chris has a fresh perspective on infrastructure and infrastructure requirements …and where these aircraft may land…with a low-touch model. And for you entrepreneurs…what it will take to use the sky more effectively … and the fresh new opportunities in AAM. We also had to sneak in a few questions from his distinguished past – e.g., as the author of The Long Tail, and from his days at helm of Wired magazine. This is a long interview – but it’s a fun ride. Enjoy.


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